Sunday, July 4, 2010

100 Posts / 6 Charles Hamilton Tapes

OK OK, the whole point of this blog is that I'm a lazy b@stard and I just jack stuff I see off of other sites and collect it all. And this is probably going to be the biggest act of thievery I've committed so far because I'm not even going to try to take credit. Random Acts Of Flyness fixed all of Charles Hamilton's busted links and included ?official? artwork for his 6, count em, 6 mixtapes he dropped yesterday. And I will give them to you. right here.

Also CH is on Twitter as @20hamil10 and all these tapes were originally found at his new blog.

Ok now I've also added new features to the blog like Chat w/ Video, Twitter and some other stuff you can see on the toolbar at the bottom. 100 posts later baby...

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